These photos were taken in the Dominican Republic, between December 27th, 2007 and January 4th, 2008.

The Punta Cana airport. The radio tower looks pretty interesting.

Inside the airport. Ali, one of my friends for many years, was with us on the trip, as was his wife Jodie. He looked up in the airport and said to me, "That's a big ass fan." I looked, and he wasn't kidding. The brand name of the company that made it is "Big Ass Fans," although you can't see it in this photo.

Darren, my roommate for the trip, and a former DJ at my club. We had several portable Motorola radios, to be able to keep in touch with each other around the resort.

Having some drinks in the lobby, the first night. It was an all-inclusive resort, so the drinks and food were all free. Here comes trouble!

A tiny salamander that we found.

It's a good thing that there were written descriptions on this sign, or else I would have thought it meant "no evaporating."

On the beach, at night.

In the ocean. I went out as far as I could, but it was tough to go more than four feet deep since I was carrying a camera and the waves were a couple feet high.

Looking down from the balcony of our hotel room.

The beach, from our balcony.

Beth. The reason for going to the Dominican was that Beth and Shawn Cole (one of the associate DJ's on this site) were getting married in the afternoon on New Year's Eve.

Doing some work in the lobby.

Dinner at the buffet. I think I ate almost an entire goat this night - the food was amazing, and I had several plates full of various treats.

Charlotte (Beth's sister) liked taking photos. She did a pretty good job of taking this one and being in it at the same time.

Charlotte, eating some late-night pizza. There was a pizza place open until 6am every night, so after the bars closed at 1am, you could always find the Canadians at the pizza kitchen.

I found this inflatable green sea monster and decided to adopt it.

At the resort. We stayed at the Punta Cana Occidental.

The stage, and the stairs leading up to one of the food courts.

Another photo at the resort.

Seafood pizza. Who needs calamari when you can have baby squid on your pizza?

Sunset at the resort.

Ali, enjoying a Mexican dinner at one of the specialty restaurants at the resort.

I always enjoyed wearing a sombrero.

Wedding day. Shawn is looking a little nervous.

A photo on the balconey, three minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start. However, "Dominican time" being what is usually is, we figured that we'd still make it down pretty early.

Tara, taking photos.

The band. No organist for this wedding.

Shawn is trying to figure out when he is supposed to say his lines.

Signing the register at the end of the ceremony.

Wedding photos on the beach, except that the groom appears to be missing.

I was the scheduled DJ for the official reception after the wedding, and before dinner. Here I am in the "DJ Booth."

It wasn't hard to get this crowd dancing.

This young lady on the beach had a pretty impressive tattoo. I think I'm going to get a tattoo that is sort of similar to this one.

Back at the resort lobby at the stroke of midnight, as the fireworks started to go off.

Dinner, on New Year's Day.

I know this is a strange photo, but look at the toilet! The seat just does not match the rest of the toilet.

The hand dryer in the washroom was the strongest hand dryer that I've ever seen. The fan blew so hard that we could barely keep our hands under it. You can see the indentation in my skin from the air coming out of it.

Posing for a photo with one of the hostesses.

We wanted some guacamole, but the taco place we were eating at had temporarily run out. Dan went down to the buffet and got some cheese and avocado, so he could make some "homemade" guacamole.

And as you can see, he did a pretty good job.

Here were we hanging out on the beach the next morning, watching the sunrise.

A closeup of some seaweed.

That's a big bull.

We went horseback riding one afternoon, and this was my horse.

Palm trees, although I can't remember exactly which species.

Examining a piece of sugar cane.

Here's Ali, chewing on a piece of raw sugar cane.

Driving through a sugar cane plantation. That "grass" in the fields is the sugar cane plants.

A random flower. I'm not sure what kind it was, but I think I've seen it before in Pink Floyd's "The Wall" movie.

A grass snake, always a good opportunity for a photo. Obviously, this one was not poisonous. Our guide said that there aren't any poisonous snakes in the Dominican.

And a close-up of the snake, as he sticks out his tongue.

Inside a rural Dominican farmhouse, with Christmas tree.

Inside the farmhouse kitchen.

A handful of chaff from breaking apart some coffee beans.

Coffee beans, roasted.

A coffee grinder.

Roasting the beans.

A heavy metal iron.

A large cocoa bean.

A ripe cocoa fruit, cut open. Inside the white pulp, all of the individual cocoa beans can be picked out. The pulp is very sweet (like chocolate) but the cocoa itself inside the beans is very bitter.

Gourds and moraccas.

The big dog is trying to hog all the attention away from the puppy that is laying on the ground.

Lunch at a Dominican farm.

An observation tower with cable glides.

Arts and crafts on sale at the farm.

Trying to get a group photo. It's always more fun to take the photo before everyone gets settled into place.

An old man, rolling cigars.

The local liquor store. Really.

Hills near the farm.

Talking to Sarah by the pool. Sarah works with me at my restaurant and also at the bar.

Heading home.

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