Bolivia's Tracks

Many of my tracks are available as free downloads

Dropbox Folder

Other than tracks that are for sale on Beatport or other sites, most of my tracks are available as free downloads on either SoundCloud or Dropbox, or both. My Dropbox folder is a bit more comprehensive than the links further down this page, as it includes higher-quality WAV versions of everything, and has a few older tracks that aren't shared below. Here's a direct link to that Dropbox folder:

Link:  DJ Bolivia's Tracks (full Dropbox folder)

In addition to the collection on Dropbox, I'm also featuring several of my tracks here as SoundCloud links. I'm just starting to share some of my tracks more widely as of late 2023 and early 2024. Many of these tracks are not at all well known, as I haven't had the time to really put any effort into promoting them yet. You'll be able to download all of those tracks (as MP3's) directly from the SoundCloud widgets below: