About DJ Bolivia, aka. Jonathan "Scooter" Clark                        

Hey, thanks for visiting. My real name is Jonathan Clark. I'm a Canadian DJ and music producer who owns and operates a small recording studio in Atlantic Canada. I'm also a classically trained pianist, and I dabble in playing the guitar and a few other instruments. How did that lead to DJ'ing? Good question. I was the General Manager of the campus nightclub at Mount Allison University for a number of years, and while I was there, I practiced my DJ'ing. Nowadays, my primary focus when playing internationally is house/trance/techno, especially progressive and tribal house, but I also frequently play mainstream/top40 gigs at venues closer to home. I'm not necessarily going to turn down a booking at a fun event just because it's not my main style.

My life is definitely chaotic, in a good way. In terms of education, I started university working on a degree in math, computer science and engineering. Eventually, I changed focus and finished a Bachelor of Commerce degree, then moved on to finish an MBA. Subsequent to that, while working at Mount Allison University, I continued to take courses; I'm now only a couple courses away from completing both a Bachelor of Science degree and a Bachelor of Arts (in Spanish and History). For about eight years I was the owner/operator of a mid-sized independent restaurant in New Brunswick, which happened while I was simultaneously getting my MBA and working full-time running the campus nightclub. And on top of all that, I've worked seasonally (every summer) in Western Canada's reforestation industry for a number of years. Thanks to another of my websites, Replant.ca (which has some photo galleries that most people enjoy), I guess I have the dubious claim of being Canada's most well-known tree planter, and I'm currently writing a couple of books about that industry. I'm a bit of an environmental hippie, and I manage about five hundred acres of my own property in eastern Canada as mixed woodlands.

In 2009, I decided to shift gears and make some major lifestyle changes. I enrolled at the Berklee School of Music (Boston). I've finished a Masters program in Music Theory, and also a second program in Studio Production & Engineering. Shortly after I started those programs, I sold my restaurant and retired from the nightclub management job. I'm planning to keep working seasonally in the reforestation industry for the indefinite future, although I have several months off each winter. I spend those months bartending, working on audio and video projects, and travelling.

I believe that my studies at Berklee will wrap up in the fall of 2018. At that point, my goal is to start working on electronic music production professionally, and to operate the recording studio as a secondary focus. Once I finish my studies at Berklee and get some more video tutorial projects out of the way, then I can start to work seriously on a career in the electronic music industry. And of course I'll still be involved in recording conventional bands and solo artists. I'm also studying to be a pilot, and hope to have a commercial pilot's license by the end of 2017.

When it comes to DJ'ing, I like to be flexible. In a perfect world, I'd probably prefer to stick to tech-house, but that just isn't possible considering where I live. Anyway, DJ'ing is essentially a side hobby at the moment. The focus of this website is mostly on electronica (house music, with trance and techno influences). I also have a weekly radio show, Subterranean Homesick Grooves, which is broadcast on terrestrial radio in Atlantic Canada, and which is also podcast both through its own website and through iTunes. For the radio show, most episodes are focused primarily on tech-house. But variety is the spice of life, so you'll notice that occasionally that I'll DJ at gigs that focus entirely on drum & bass, psy-trance, hip hop, or classic rock. I'll even do wedding bookings. Incidentally, I do produce some conventional indie/folk/rock music, both under my own name and under the Creature Of The Marsh moniker. Don't bother trying to google it, since there isn't anything substantial online right now, but there is going to be an album released under that name in early 2017.

When it comes to marketing myself as a DJ, my ultimate goal is to pay more attention to a career as a producer, so DJ'ing will remain just one small part of the overall picture. I do like to market myself on the internet though, because it's fun knowing that I have access to a decent sized global audience. I'm trying to focus on offering more online content, including a series of video tutorials about DJ'ing, dance music production, and studio recording & engineering. Eventually, I'll work on optimizing my content for mobile devices. Currently, you'll find me on Twitter, Facebook, ABLETON, and SoundCloud.

As a DJ, I've been fortunate enough to have been asked to play alongside artists such as Danny Howells, Nic Fanciulli, and DJ Dan. I've been privileged to have worked on media/video projects with artists like Josh Gabriel, Dave Dresden, DJ Heavygrinder, and Colette.

In terms of influences, above and beyond the aforementioned names, I've been heavily influenced by a variety of house, trance, and techno DJ's/producers, such as Max Graham, Armin van Buuren, Sasha, John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Danny Teneglia, Ferry Corsten, Mark Farina, Solarstone, Junkie XL, Serge Devant, Morgan Page, Dave Aude, Noel Sanger, & Sultan, as well as Atlantic Canadian favorites such as Sean Keating, Jay Vasseur, Jay Hamilton, Sonny D, Logan Hudak, Donovan Morgan, and David Anthony. In terms of traditional /rock artists, I've been influenced mostly by the likes of conventional rockers such as Neil Young, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, and The Tragically Hip. If I'm listening to music at home, for fun, I'm far more likely to listen to indie/rock than to dance music or other types of electronica.

I've had lots of requests from people to review their DJ mixes online. Unfortunately, I'm always extremely backed up with studio projects and work commitments, so I don't have free time to review sets. Sorry!

I obviously lead a pretty hectic lifestyle. But if you have questions, comments, or suggestions about the website, send me an email at djbolivia@gmail.com. I try to reply to every legible email that I get, eventually! There's no point building a career in music if you don't appreciate the support of your fans. Also, if you're interested in inquiring about booking me to play a show, contact that same email address. I'm not really actively seeking gigs again until 2018, but I might have some time to play a few shows in the fall of 2017. Unfortunately, anything before then is out of the question because of my commitment to a large video project for a client, and due to my reforestation job.

Here's a brief biography video on YouTube:

Some Random Photos

So that's where things stand as of the start of 2017. To wrap things up, here are several older photos, covering some of the early parties that I played at, and showing some of the industry contacts that I started to make back then. Not all of these are DJ's or producers that I've worked with directly, they're just assorted photos from the years when I was getting established as a DJ in Atlantic Canada. Some of these are from before the days of digital photography, so the quality/resolution isn't great.

DJ Bolivia, Max Graham, and Kevin Snedker.

DJ Bolivia, Christian Smith, DJ Marc Carnes, and Studio Technician Kevin Snedker.

Home base - the Tantramarsh Club, Mount Allison University.

DJ Bolivia, Mark Farina, and Neil.

Sound check with Chris Murphy of Sloan and the kids.

DJ Bolivia with Danny Howells and Ian Shonaman.

DJ Bolivia and Jay Hamilton

The Skratch Bastid at Evolve.

DJ Bolivia, Sasha, and Shelley.

Early morning, confused about scheduling.

Ferry Corsten and DJ Bolivia.

Fooling around in the studio, with guitarist Steve MacMillan, DJ "Mistress Bridget," and DJ Bolivia.

DJ Bolivia at work bartending, with Sarah.

Bad Boy Bill in Halifax.

DJ Bolivia and Q-Bert at a party at the Marquee in Halifax.

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Where my name came from: Origins of my Stage Name

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