A visit to Argentina, in November 2010.

Looking toward downtown Buenos Aires.

Boarding pass.

A toll plaza. I was curiuos about the vehicles in Argentina. They were almost entirely European. Lots of renaults, audis, citroens, peugeots, and volkswagons.

The rubber band van.

A games store.

Pizza. All of the pizzas that I ate in Argentina were very, very good. Must be the cheese. They certainly didn't skimp on the cheese.

Looking out over the city at dusk.

A night-time shot of Buenos Aires.

Some graffiti.

A wharf.

A cargo ship, out in the river.


The national flag, flying at half mast, because the former president just passed away.

More graffiti.

A tree-lined avenue. There were tons and tons of trees in Buenos Aires. A very green city. Canadians should take a close look at the leaves on these trees.

Looking down outside my bedroom window.

Sailboats in the river.

Creamfield Buenos Aires! Click here for a full review.

Another shot out my bedoom window at night.

This isn't a park. This is part of the normal city section that I was staying in. You can just barely see parts of all the houses hidden beneath the trees.

Nothing like some freshly squeezed orange juice, and vodka that costs one tenth of what it does in Canada.

Ok, this is the most retarded traffic flow that I've ever seen, out in front of the building that I was staying in. The left lane was for people going straight ahead. The right lane was for people turning right. However, the drivers made an arbitrary middle lane, and vehicles in that lane turned right. So the drivers in the real right lane had to park against the curb and wait and make sure there were no vehicles coming up from behind, before they could turn left.

Argentina's flag.

Ok, now I've moved south to Ushuaia, down in southern Argentina. This was the port where we boarded the ship for Antarctica. The next several photos are all taken in Ushuaia.

I took this out the window of the "train at the end of the world."

A nice little time-lapse photo.

Here is it, the train at the end of the world. Apparently, this is the southernmost train in the world. I think it would look kind of cool in my studio.

Who needs a modern electronic point-of-sale system when you can have this?

Charcoal grilled chicken sandwiches for lunch.

The tourist bureau.

Part of Argentina's navy. These ships were probably used in the disagreement with the British over the Malvenas Islands (the Falklands).

This is a pretty good view of most of Ushuaia.

Lamb, ready for the fire pit.

Having lunch with some of the crew from the Antarctica trip.

This photo was taken out my hotel window at 4am.

The rest of the photos on this page are now back in Buenos Aires. I came back for one night, and stayed here at a great little Bed & Breakfast in the city, called Teresita. You can find them on Expedia.

The yard at Teresita.

A BBQ area at Teresita.

I took the next several shots while wandering through the city.

This type of tree looks a lot like a maple tree that is common in Canada, but I believe that it is actually a "Plane" tree. Their leaves are very similar and the bark of these trees is very mottled. Thanks to Dave from Brockville for helping me identify this species.

For links giving info about the DJ sets that I played while on this trip, and to download them, check out the links below. The second set from November 25th is our top recommendation:

Set #1: 128 minutes of Drum & Bass, from November 22nd, 2010. Click here to download.

Set #2: 66 minutes of Progressive House, from November 25th, 2010. Click here to download.

Set #3: About three hours of tech house, from November 26th, 2010. Click here to download.

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