Learn how to use beat-mix (aka. beat-match).

Beat-mixing is a DJ technique where two tracks are seamlessly blended together by matching their tempos and aligning their beats, creating a continuous flow of music without any noticeable breaks. This is achieved by adjusting the pitch and speed of one or both tracks using turntables, CDJs, or software so that their beats per minute (BPM) are synchronized. The process involves careful listening and timing to ensure that the beats of the two tracks hit at the same moment, allowing for a smooth transition from one song to another. Beat-mixing is fundamental in various music genres, especially in electronic dance music, to maintain the energy on the dance floor and keep the audience engaged.

Traditional DJ's have often known that "beat-mixing" gives your music a smooth, continuous flow that keeps the dance floor grooving. I'll teach you how. Here are two videos. The first one focuses on beat-mixing using pitch-controlled CD players.

This next video shows you beat-mixing on vinyl turntables. Disclaimer, I hadn't used my turntables for a few years when I recorded this, so I was a bit rusty. But it's a skill that's hard to forget:

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